• Ok so my cousin convinced me to walk in the snow and go to this dreaded restaurant Nikky’s Gyro. So as you can see the snow was horrible mid-calf high. So I go inside and see the lovely lights and the lovely deserts, but then notice that the fruit in the parfait cups are stale! The kiwi was brown… ewwwww! So anyways, my cousin insisted that I eat another burrito, this time steak. So I buy it, no peppers, light sour cream and a side of fries with mild sauce. So I finally make it home after conquering the snow and running from the crackheads in my alley and dug into my food.

    I will admit I was scared to eat it, even my cousin looked at me like “are you preprared” so I eat and … I like. The steak was good, the cheese was good and I found the sour cream in the middle. The only issue I had was the lettuce, but I am not a big lettuce fan to begin with. But I realize 3/4’s into the burrito that I didn’t even touch my fries and I am a big fry eater. So thumbs up! Finally found a meal close to me they get a 3 outta 5 stars. Lol

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