• last night was greatly needed at Zentra’s at 923 W. Weed st. Before i left the house i already had some ciroc and cranberry juice and was ready to have some fun. So toya and i and our friend shay went to the club saw our boss from CHILIFE cliff, bought some drinks and with our drink we got a free drink. and some nigga knocked my free shit over. the greedy bitch inside me wanted to smack him but the nice bitch in me just stared him down. so he felt guilty enough to offer to buy me another one. toya told him thats ok…..and i am still staring at the mess of pineapple and vodka in front of me. the bartender felt bad enough to give me another freebie, so all is well. we all got drunk enough to dance and i dont know who the dj was but i know cliff loud ass was working the mic, gotta love him and people who know me know that i am blind as hell so i think i saw dj pound for pound by the dj booth too. and Gabby from CHILIFE was working the buffet, the station me and toya used to work, so CHILIFE was definitely in the building. 

    as the night went on it took a turn for the worse….i wont go into details but everything worked itself out. and even now i still feel drunk.

    these next few weekends are going to be bananas cause toya and i booked some birthday parties and we are hosting a naija/jamaican event at a new venue.

    so chicago…get at me

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