New Drinks, for the hot weather

So for the past 3 days I have shipped about 15 packages of jewelry and mostly coffee. So today I was in the mood for a latte, but it was too hot to have it hot, so I had an iced latte sans the ice.

Quick and simple Iced latte:


1 package of Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Latte coffee

4 ounces of Soy Milk


Mix ingredients in cup, stir very well…..see simple


I had mine with a PB&J sandwich….awesomeness


We have new products in Organo Gold, 

First the products that i knew we had were, black coffee, cafe latte, cafe mocha, hot chocolate and green tea

but now we have



BLACK ICE TEA: ( I want to try this one)


AND RED TEA: (I want to purchase this for myself)



To purchase go to copy and paste, register and purchase






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