awesome brownies

So last night, I couldnt sleep and i felt super fat, so I made what was suppose to be slutty brownies but I forgot my cookies so they are awesome brownies.ImageSo I mixed both packages seperately and added the cookie to the bottom of each pan and added the brownie mix on top.

I added extra things because again I felt really fat, so i added peanut butter to some(which was a problem) and more chocolate chips to others.

this was the turn out




So yea this was the peanut butter…um it was ok but i stopped liking peanut butter after thisImagethis was the others with the extra chocolate chips…..AWESOME!!!ImageTHIS LOOKS GOOD. Im not a baker so im proud. even if I used the box . 🙂ImageI spoiled my girls but I had to watch their sugar, they are 5 and under, they go nuts off of sugarImageImage


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