Substance, Strength and Legacy: A Tribute to My Grandmother

Substance, Strength and Legacy: A Tribute to My Grandmother.


She’s in Color

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Week of Sept. 19

Ehi Aimiuwu
Designer, Ayoko Upcycled

“Everyone has a turning point in life when they decide whether they can give up on their dreams and face reality or turn their dream into reality. I inspire, impact and influence people by focusing on my dream no matter how hard life gets. No matter how many people tell me ‘no’ or that my ideas are stupid, I still manage to go for my goals with a smile on my face. Women are amazing creatures and need to know that they are beautiful, talented and that God has a special plan in life for them and only them.

“I color myself ‘green’ because I strive to be eco-friendly in Ayoko Upcycled and in my everyday life. I love taking old or new un-needed objects and creating beautiful products.”

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oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea, as you can see I’m excited

My Cousin Asia is the She’s in Color Girl of the week

Super proud of her, she is an up and coming photographer in the chicago area and the CEO of Classically Creative Productions, please check her out click the link to read her inspirational message for other young women

This is some of her work that I absolutely love

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